SS Dickey

from a certain point of view, going down with the ship looks like suicide.

Little robots and a hole in the side of the ship

This dream occurred over the best part of a decade. I think it is based on a film. It evolved over time, sometimes reverting, sometimes only including the changes. The first part is the original dream. The second part the extension.

I am in a space craft on a meshed metal . . . → Read More: Little robots and a hole in the side of the ship

Sailing to Singapore

We moved to Singapore. My mother does not remember the date, but it was after I was baptised. We went on a ship of the Flotta Lauro Line. It was either the TN Roma or the TN Sydney. Both ships had been built in the 1940s as Auxilliary Aircraft Carriers in the . . . → Read More: Sailing to Singapore

Sinking of the AHS Centaur

AHS Centuar

My third cousin, three times removed, Reginald McGregor Blackman born in 1904 and 39 years of age died in the sinking of the AHS Centaur. He was working in the 2/12th Field Ambulance.

In a strange coincidence, I returned from Singapore to Fremantle on another ship called the . . . → Read More: Sinking of the AHS Centaur

Trouble on the Layton

The Layton was the first of the ships arranged to bring women out to the colony of NSW. My third great grandmother, Ann Lamb, was one of those women. They do say that they got them from the streets of London. Here is an article about the Layton in the Sydney press.

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