Three different shopping strategies

Krysta buys what she knows what she likes up to the amount. But never buys anything that is too pricey (over $2).

Milla is worried only about buying things that are good value for money. Will buy a few big things.

Chanel wants quantity of items. So buys lots of cheap items.

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Future Mode of Shopping

Today Teresa announced the future mode of shopping.

1. We go to the shops. 2. Teresa picks out the toy she wants 3. Brian pays for the toy. 4. Teresa gets the toy.

And this way, everyone is happy.

Bubble Wrap

Botany Road

I headed off to Mascot to visit Clark Rubber. My plan, to purchase some bubble wrap. The reason – I need to wrap up the trike to put it on the truck in a few weeks for it’s journey to Queensland. I rode the short way there. Along canal road. . . . → Read More: Bubble Wrap