Links to 2009-11-22

It has been quite a week. I put in several links and then decided that they are boring. So here is what is left.

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TC Brian Yap

Well he has returned. Turns out he is from Singapore (or in Singapore). Well maybe not, perhaps this is an old page. None of the links work.

How VoIP / Internet Voice WorksDear Friends, My name’s Brian Yap and I’d like to introduce to you my friend Antonio Quattrone . . . → Read More: TC Brian Yap

Rich Beggars

This is an old Malaysia Story. The say to me: There was this beggar man. Each day he would set up and collect money. Afterwards he we get in his Mercedes and drive home to his mansion.

The moral: don’t give money to beggars.

Sitting on King Neptune's Knee

Centaur Certified

I think that the 17th of June is the date we must have left Singapore on the MS Centaur Blue Funnel Line. (Ship 303899 built in Liverpool). This is because the equator is about 60 km (I think) south of Singapore. I remember this night clearly and I have more . . . → Read More: Sitting on King Neptune’s Knee

Lee Kuan Yew

"Minister Mentor: Lee Kuan Yew" by teducation

Lee Kuan Yew came to open our new house today (otherwise known as the new wing of Mount Alvernia Hospital). There was a big presentation with the media present. We were up on the stage as my father is the resident doctor. Now that the . . . → Read More: Lee Kuan Yew

Sailing to Singapore

We moved to Singapore. My mother does not remember the date, but it was after I was baptised. We went on a ship of the Flotta Lauro Line. It was either the TN Roma or the TN Sydney. Both ships had been built in the 1940s as Auxilliary Aircraft Carriers in the . . . → Read More: Sailing to Singapore

Yap Yit Poh Departs Singapore

Yap Yit Poh, departed Singapore for Australia to study Medicine at Sydney University under the Colombo Plan.

The Singapore Free Press, 1951 August 29 ACS BOY FOR AUSTRALIA

Mr Yap Yit Poh, 20-year-old second-son of former miner, the late Yap Swee, who will be leaving by the “Gorgon” for Australia tomorrow to . . . → Read More: Yap Yit Poh Departs Singapore