Video Sunday – 2011 July 24

Marajuana Australiana, one of my favourite bushwackers songs.

Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 June 1

A litte ditty to the tune of I’ve been on the rail road.

I’ve been living on the swap file, all the live long day I’ve been living on the swap file, ever since the break of day, Can’t you hear the hard disk grinding, Rise so early in the morn, Can’t you hear . . . → Read More: Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 June 1

Toot your horn!


Today I came across the first driver i have met, on the corner of victoria and Sydenham no less, who drives according to the principles of this song:

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banned put in!

Apparently the dumbos at the EBU banned this song for it’s put in political references. Of course you might expect that the Georgians are not happy with the man.

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Australian Pie

I am looking for the lyrics of a song I heard once on 3RRR. All I remember is the chorus and it goes like this. I have since learned that 3PBS also played it.

Australian Pie

Bye, bye Miss Australian Pie,

Drove my Holden to the Goulburn, but the Goulburn was dry.

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