Dream Tuesday – aeroplane dream

The aeroplane part of this is new. The building has been in other dreams, as has the street scape.

I board an aeroplane. I am sitting in the front row on a plush white seat. The cabin is rather rectangular. More like a stage prop of the front of an aircraft . . . → Read More: Dream Tuesday – aeroplane dream

Visiting Mums

I was in Seymour to look after mum after her hip operation. The girls came up for a visit and as always had a great time there. I did the mowing using mum’s human powered mower.

. . . → Read More: Visiting Mums

Dream – Applause

I am standing on a stage. Though I seem to be invisible to the audience. There is a bright light, shining on the stage and the audience. Nothing can be seen beyond it. Just darkness. The audience in the first 10 or so rows is brightly lit. They are christians. They all wear bright white . . . → Read More: Dream – Applause