Project TOTO post 2

before he left

Well, Stilgherrian is soon to return to the land of OZ. But he has yet to make it safely out of the country… He has set up the site for those in Tanzania, called, Jambo Tanzania. So pop over and have a look. Better still, leave a comment.

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Stilgherrian and Project TOTO



Stilgherrian is going to Tanzania on Project Toto. So he had a going-away-and-maybe-not-coming-back-party at Kelly’s on King. There were quite a few people from the ABC there so I found myself feeling like I was on TV. He is going over there to stir political ferment by introducing them . . . → Read More: Stilgherrian and Project TOTO

Juniper training

I spent three days in North Sydney at the Juniper Office doing training on Juniper Routers. It has severely impacted my very poor knowledge of Cisco commands as Juniper has a much better and very similar command structure.

And I bumped into Stilgherrian, met Kate for the first time and then Pong over lunch . . . → Read More: Juniper training