Dream Tuesday – aeroplane dream

The aeroplane part of this is new. The building has been in other dreams, as has the street scape.

I board an aeroplane. I am sitting in the front row on a plush white seat. The cabin is rather rectangular. More like a stage prop of the front of an aircraft . . . → Read More: Dream Tuesday – aeroplane dream

Outdoor Office

Word on the street

Various words on the street:

He didn’t know a thing. They said he liked this. Some people seem to think that they are the police. They said it was none of our business. A man gasps and says, oh shit the pricks thought that! Another says, they are so stuffed. An upset girl complains, he . . . → Read More: Word on the street

logging everything

a simple dream from this morning:

I am walking down a crowded street. It could be in any Australian city. There are many people, both sexes in business clothes. A man says, “you know they are logging everything you write.” I say I know. I think, that is cool and I smile.