Bad Words

Milla and Krysta were learning about intimidation. They said: Brian you are stupid. We are going to continue to call you bad words until you do what we want.

Krysta’s list of swear words

F-word is fuck. I-word is idiot. S-word was shit but has become stupid.

more stupid mobile phone laws


I think there people should be sent to see if they have any brains at all. I mean, why stop people from using a mobile phone as a GPS, but not from using a GPS or a Map? I have seen many taxi drivers using maps, of the printed kind, sitting . . . → Read More: more stupid mobile phone laws

An overreaction?

Here are some new laws in Victoria. I wonder what the fine would be for a motorist who did the same thing? I had a school friend who was on bicycle by a car and squashed between the car and a parked truck. He spent 6 months in hospital. No one cried out that he . . . → Read More: An overreaction?

law makers

It seems that the world is full of stupid law makers who should have sense to make balanced and sensible laws that target the bad people and not the good. Also police who spend their time chasing the wrong targets.

According to these recent interpretations of the law, a curious teenage girl who embarks on . . . → Read More: law makers

the opposite of smart


It seems that they have only just worked this out. Certainly lots of people are talking about it.

In my mind, the opposite of smart is stupid.

Now, I know that most of these people don’t think this. But they must be bit slow to think that I think of it in the . . . → Read More: the opposite of smart