Observation Tuesdays – Travelling Backwards

A difference between Melbourne and Sydney: on the trains

People in Melbourne are used to sitting facing backwards to to direction of travel and think nothing of it. People in Sydney hate traveling backwards and make a huge fuss about it. It even threatens governments. . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesdays – Travelling Backwards

Greenway Petition

Attend if you can.

Dear All 10,500 signatures have been collected for the GreenWay petition. Congratulations to the Friends of the GreenWay for coordinating this. The petition is being presented to Carmel Tebbutt at the NSW Parliament House next Wednesday: 11:00am Wednesday 15 February 2011. (Barring last-minute parliamentary interruption). Everyone is welcome to attend.

. . . → Read More: Greenway Petition

Marrickville to the city loop via Royal Botanic Gardens

I did a ride as sweep with Bike Marrickville. We rode from the Addison Road Center to Stanmore where we crossed under the station using the evil steps, up through Annandale along the surprisingly pleasant White’s Creek Lane, over the ANZAC bridge, through Pyrmont and over the Pyrmont bridge. Then through Darling Harbour, . . . → Read More: Marrickville to the city loop via Royal Botanic Gardens

Driving to Brisbane Mark II

Well, Kirsten caught the train as she had a ticket. I drove. Krysta came with me as she wanted to see her cousins in Brisbane. Teresa went with Kirsten and had the advantage of the extra seat for Krysta for the bargin price of $1. Krysta was great. We drove a long long . . . → Read More: Driving to Brisbane Mark II

A long way to go nowhere

I headed out early to drive to Brisbane and meet Kirsten there. I had fish and chips for Brunch and was just past Port Macquarie when Kirsten finally got through to me as I had forgotten to take the phone back of silent mode.

It turned out that . . . → Read More: A long way to go nowhere

Video Sunday – 2011 March 13

A video of cycling in Sydney.

Vuelo Velo from Vuelo Velo on Vimeo.

New Year Eve Fireworks

We again watched the new year eve fireworks from my balcony. As is usual the flying foxes flew over just before sunset on their way from Tempe to the city.

This time with Kirsten, Angelika and the kids. Again I had the long lens and the camera on . . . → Read More: New Year Eve Fireworks

Lunar Eclipse

I think that the total eclipse happend just before the moon came over the horizon. So we saw it go from mostly eclipsed to not eclipsed. I was more experienced than previous times and my shots should show this.

#gallery-5 { margin: auto; } #gallery-5 .gallery-item { float: left; margin-top: 10px; text-align: . . . → Read More: Lunar Eclipse


I got my personalised Myki today. I have decided that Sydney and nsw need this exact system. It would mean my one card works in both place and NSW would get a much improved ticketing system than the somewhat old and out of date one it has at the moment.

Exhibition at the NGV

Some of the local graffiti artists have an exhibition at the NGV called Space Invaders.