A day with Krysta

Krysta and I headed out with Russell the Wombat to travel on the Ferry. So we caught the bus and then the ferry to Neutral Bay, where we had brunch. At that time we started taking little movies. So now there are movies to add to the photos of Russell the wombat. Russell . . . → Read More: A day with Krysta

Vivid Light Festival

I had dinner with Karyn at the Peace and Harmony vegan (Thai) restaurant and then headed down to the Vivid Light Festival. I cleverly left my camera at home so was only able to take some photos using my mobile phone. And the mobile’s battery ran out later in the night. Still I think I . . . → Read More: Vivid Light Festival

Reach’s Christmas Dinner

Well we went out onto the harbour as is the tradition at Reach. This year’s event was a complete turn around from last year. Good weather, a nice boat, no danger of drowning and good food. I ate mostly with the accounting section, they are good company. I did not remember to take my camera, . . . → Read More: Reach’s Christmas Dinner

A day at the Zoo

I had not seen Cath for a long time. Then I went to the National Folk Festival. I forgot my sleeping bag, so borrowed a blanket for the evening. The next day I headed into Belconnen mall to buy something for the next few days. While sitting there, sending a tweet to twitter, Cath walked . . . → Read More: A day at the Zoo