Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 June 29

Kalorama to Melbourne Airport Travel Options

There are 4 ways that I can see to get from Five Ways in Kalorama to the airport when using public transport. They vary from the very quick and expensive to the very slow and cheap and the journey gets cheaper the longer it takes. . . . → Read More: Other Things Wednesdays – 2011 June 29


Before I lived in Sydney, I used to travel here frequently for work. I have never liked traveling by taxi and I have always though sydney taxi drivers are the worst in Australia. The reason is that they would try and determine if you were from Sydney. If you were not they would take you . . . → Read More: taxis


people in sydney, particularly western sydney, that I know, seem to have a great hate for Brazilians, particularly their soccer team, who are, for some reason sad and unhappy.before this, I have just remembered, taxi drivers used to make statements about longhaired players from the brazilian soccer team who had been seen around sydney. at . . . → Read More: Brazilians


I do not know why I have such a dislike for taxies. As for as long as I can remember, I have avoided them. But when I travelled a lot for work, I did not have much choice in the matter. So I have used taxies in Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. However, I . . . → Read More: taxis