Links for 2009-10-23


I have not had many links for a while and today, lots of goodies.

I have been watching the shenanigans for a while now. Some people have been concerned, some completely heartless and inhumane on this one, but finally the public outcry has stopped the killing. The national carrier, which has . . . → Read More: Links for 2009-10-23

Masters and Slaves


In Electrical and Electronic engineering the term master and slave is often used in conjunction with circuit design. It is a favourite design pattern, a master, say a computer, controls a bunch of slaves, say a bunch of monitoring devices. The master might poll each device in turn and the slaves . . . → Read More: Masters and Slaves

where did all the people go?

manual exchange

I am reminded of the saying, lies, damn lies and statistics. Here is a quote that is simply very funny.

Rocca says the carrier has ended up with a network that can download the Australian National Library in 4.6 seconds and switch 180 billion telephone calls . . . → Read More: where did all the people go?


HSSI is pronounced hissy, this is a type of interface used in data communications. It stands for High Speed Serial Interface. It was never common, and is becoming less so. We used to have some in our network and you would hear me on the mobile phone talking about HSSI connections. Of course it is . . . → Read More: HSSI

working from home


Being in the telecommunications business, I have always thought that we should encourage people to telecommunicate as it would be good for business. So I was somewhat surprise to find people at work being against working from home. I think that we should encourage all forms of telecommunication as it would . . . → Read More: working from home

TC Brian Yap

He is back! This page is even weirder.

TC Brian Yap’s Experience

Owner B.R.I.A.N. Global Group (Telecommunications industry) August 2006 — Present (9 months)

TC Brian Yap’s Education

La Salle PJ (I wonder where this is?) 1976 — 1978