Photo Mondays – Temple Gate

A large serious red wooden gate of the Temple from the outside. You can purchase this image on Getty Images.

Photo Monday – Ceremonial Drum

A Ceremonial Drum in a Buddhist temple in Seoul Korea. You can purchase this image on Getty Images.

Photo Mondays – Temple Sign

A faded swastika on the end of a wooden Buddhist Temple building in Seoul Korea. You can purchase this image on Getty Images.

Photo Mondays – 2011 April 4

Another image of Seoul uploaded to Getty Images. I had come here to get a geo cache and it was a good a reason as any to visit any particular locaiton. I found the cache and headed back to have lunch in Coex. Later work would move to Coex. This had the benefit . . . → Read More: Photo Mondays – 2011 April 4

A few days in Ipoh

I spent a few days with my cousins, wandering Ipoh, visiting various temples. Here are just some shots taken while wandering around. We also stopped at the train station. They were having problems with their ticketing system so we got a number, decided it would be at least an hour and a half . . . → Read More: A few days in Ipoh

Yap Temple

I was wandering around Georgetown with our little group. We were heading to a temple. While looking for it we came to the Yap family temple. I am suspicious that some of the others knew it was there. But I did not know it existed. So I went inside to have a look. . . . → Read More: Yap Temple

Batu Caves

We drove back from Klang and visited the Batu Caves. Just as we got there the afternoon’s storm arrived and we hid for a while in a food stall. After some food, we headed out into the temporarily flooded courtyard and headed up the steps. There were over 250 of them. Though this . . . → Read More: Batu Caves

Day 5 – Xian, 9 November 2006

As a group we headed out of the south gate and along the wall of the city. Being in the lead, I came across a group of musicians sitting and chatting in a pagoda. As I started taking photos, they came to an agreement and started setting up. They soon launched into a folk tune . . . → Read More: Day 5 – Xian, 9 November 2006


One of the most surprising things about the temples was just how alive they were. Nothing like the sterileness of ones in other countries. In a way I felt that this was the china that would have been if the Nationalists had won.

The first temple I went to was a . . . → Read More: Temples