Dice Game

Teresa used her Christmas stamp to create a game. In each round two players roll the stamp. If you roll the symbol on the left and the other player rolls the symbol on the right the player with the symbol on the left gets a point. If both players roll the same symbol then both . . . → Read More: Dice Game

Recording Session

One advantage of the girls going to singing lessons is that get a short recording session in the studio where they learn.

Teresa’s fifth birthday

Teresa was quite excited to be having a fifth birthday. Even though she gets presents all the time, the best part of having a birthday is the presents she gets.

The day of her actual birthday was the day that I normally have late meetings. So I did not get home . . . → Read More: Teresa’s fifth birthday

Future Mode of Shopping

Today Teresa announced the future mode of shopping.

1. We go to the shops. 2. Teresa picks out the toy she wants 3. Brian pays for the toy. 4. Teresa gets the toy.

And this way, everyone is happy.

Teresa’s first text message

Inspired by the messaging exploits of her older sister, Teresa sent her first text message. She loved the messaging system, but found it a bit difficult to use as she had difficulty getting back to the same spot and was driven to tears of frustration a few times.

. . . → Read More: Teresa’s first text message

Observation Tuesdays – Teresa’s ownership

Teresa has two types of ownership.

If it is Teresa’s no one else can have it. If it is someone else’s, then it belongs to the family and therefore they have to share it with Teresa.

Teresa the fairy

Teresa is standing next to a cartoonish train track on a plain white background in her pink fairy dress.

A dark green 0-6-0 tank engine steam train arrives silently. It has one carriage. There are other fairies on board.

A voice says, fairies catch the train. She climbs . . . → Read More: Teresa the fairy

Teresa’s Third Birthday

Originally we were going to hold it in the Kalorama Pavilion. This was a cheaper option and allowed the guest list to be open-ended. But on the down side was the catering (which was not too scary) and the cleaning up (which was scary to me at least). Also the wintertime weather in . . . → Read More: Teresa’s Third Birthday

Why we were late

We were ready to leave but Teresa didn’t want to get dressed

We were ready to leave but then it was lunch time and Brian thought we should have lunch

We were ready to leave but Kirsten decided that the dogs needed a walk and they escaped. Luckily a . . . → Read More: Why we were late

Video Sunday – 2011 January 22 – The not so scary puffing billy

When we arrived at Lake Side Station Car Park, Teresa was really scared of the noise being made by the train that was at the time just about to leave the station. So later in the day, when I could hear another train coming we walked up the hill to the train line. . . . → Read More: Video Sunday – 2011 January 22 – The not so scary puffing billy