An Australia Day message

My message for Australia Day, courtesy of a great Australian folk band.

When the british came here, It was just another outpost, in an empire crazy world, They dispossessed the black man, And killed him when he argued, Lets never forget, The fate they met, When Britannia ruled the waves.

If you were white . . . → Read More: An Australia Day message

Tampering and theft

On Saturday night or Sunday (27/28 Novemeber) morning someone came into the car park. They stole the front wheel off the kiddie trailer which has upset the children very much. They also tried to dismantle the trike. I do not know why. They took off the rear rack, disconnected one gear cable and . . . → Read More: Tampering and theft

Theft Of Tubes And Petrol

One of my relatives, living a life of crime in World War II.

Theft Of Tubes And Petrol

‘Most of this property comes under No. 1 priority, and is prac- tically unprocurable,’ said Detec- tive Senior Sergeant J. F. Buggy

in the Police Court yesterday when Bernard James Cramp, . . . → Read More: Theft Of Tubes And Petrol