W Class

Caught my first W Class tram since returning to Melbourne. They were old a long time ago when I was a kid. While I think they should keep some I wonder why they have not been upgraded with modern motors with modern controllers and air conditioning.

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School Reunion


Well I went down for a PEGS school reunion. I did not take any photos at the reunion, I was busy catching up with people, most of whom I had not seen for between 30 and 36 years. In the morning I had breakfast at the Marrickville Road Cafe, walked to . . . → Read More: School Reunion

catching a tram

I am in a house in a street near where I live. But I now live in this house. The people in the house are people who I have never known. The house is a two story terrace house in the inner northern suburbs of Melbourne. I try to talk to the people. This does . . . → Read More: catching a tram