Reconnoitring Point Nepean

Being from the unfashionable western suburbs I had never been to remote locations like Point Nepean. The opportunity to head down there with the older girls, who I managed to convince it was a good idea as it was an opportunity to be taken up.

Sadly we had quite a late . . . → Read More: Reconnoitring Point Nepean

Observation Tuesdays – Travelling Backwards

A difference between Melbourne and Sydney: on the trains

People in Melbourne are used to sitting facing backwards to to direction of travel and think nothing of it. People in Sydney hate traveling backwards and make a huge fuss about it. It even threatens governments. . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesdays – Travelling Backwards

Alternate Route on the Day of the Bat

On Tuesday I caught the train to work. At Camberwell we swapped over to the stopping all stations track, which unusual. Normally we use the express track. We were clearly behind the stopping all stations train, but much more interestingly we were running the red lights. I was sitting, as I normally do, . . . → Read More: Alternate Route on the Day of the Bat

Driving Back to Sydney

Well I did something as an experiment that I do not intent to repeat. I extended my stay till after lunch. By the time I had visited mum’s it was getting late. The sun went down as I passed Holbrook. I did not get home to Marrickville until 3 AM. I was very . . . → Read More: Driving Back to Sydney

Armidale to Marrickville

We packed up in the morning, taking our time a bit and then drove back to Marrickville. (Photos on Flickr)

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Driving to Brisbane Mark II

Well, Kirsten caught the train as she had a ticket. I drove. Krysta came with me as she wanted to see her cousins in Brisbane. Teresa went with Kirsten and had the advantage of the extra seat for Krysta for the bargin price of $1. Krysta was great. We drove a long long . . . → Read More: Driving to Brisbane Mark II

Sydney to Melbourne: Day 2 – Cowra to Wangaratta

The longest driving day of the trip. We headed south from Cowra, my grandfather’s birth-place, along the Olympic Highway. The packing went easily and quickly and was done much more sensibly than the day before. There was a threat of rain, but that did not eventuate. We stopped at Junee for a rest . . . → Read More: Sydney to Melbourne: Day 2 – Cowra to Wangaratta

Sydney to Melbourne: Day 1 – Sydney to Cowra

Well I had great hopes for what we would get done on the day. But reality intervened. We got quite a good start to the day, but left an hour later than I wanted to . Then there were the road works in the Blue Mountains, and a stop at Wentworth Falls Lake, . . . → Read More: Sydney to Melbourne: Day 1 – Sydney to Cowra

Bundaberg to Sydney via Brisbane

I got up early and headed out to the airport. It is not so far to the airport from the Middle of town. I got there quite early and the terminal was partly staffed. After a while a few more people arrived and I was able to check in when they manned the . . . → Read More: Bundaberg to Sydney via Brisbane

Jerantut to Kuala Tahan via Kuala Tembling

I had wanted to get of the train at Kuala Tembling, but that was one station the train did not stop. I do not know why. So I had arrived by train in Jerantut. The NKS were very organised. I was now in a different world. No longer a world of locals travelling. . . . → Read More: Jerantut to Kuala Tahan via Kuala Tembling