Tampering and theft

On Saturday night or Sunday (27/28 Novemeber) morning someone came into the car park. They stole the front wheel off the kiddie trailer which has upset the children very much. They also tried to dismantle the trike. I do not know why. They took off the rear rack, disconnected one gear cable and . . . → Read More: Tampering and theft

New Bike Bits

Well I went on a bit of a spending frenzy this week. One thing is still in the post and a couple are on the bike already.

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Bicycle Bits

Here are some interesting, if probably not very practical or legal bicycle bits. They all show innovative design and I do want to make my own dynamo one day like this one. But first a flat folding helmet. I’m sure with the right materials you should be able to make it into a . . . → Read More: Bicycle Bits

Graffiti Wall

I have been riding past this wall for some time now as I only changed my route to work about three months ago. I have been meaning to stop and take a pic. Today I did and used the photo stitch software autostitch to stitch the photo together. Click on the image to . . . → Read More: Graffiti Wall

Toot your horn!


Today I came across the first driver i have met, on the corner of victoria and Sydenham no less, who drives according to the principles of this song:

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Links to 2009-11-22

It has been quite a week. I put in several links and then decided that they are boring. So here is what is left.

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2009-10-31 Links

Links for this week on Computers, Culture, Cycling, Photography and Telecommunications.

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Ride to work video

I have been thinking for some time about mods to make to the trike. The first mod was to mount my old Nokia N95 on the front of the trike. I purchased some foamy plastic sheet and a eyelet tool from an arts shop in Newtown and made a cover. I purchased some . . . → Read More: Ride to work video

Touring on a greenspeed tandem in Africa

A very good little video.

A new phrase for the english language

a race of recumbents

Hugh is trying to create a new collective noun – A race of recumbents.