Altona Beach and Pier

We went to Altona for a birthday party. With the grandparents we went with the kids down to the beach. At first it was quite warm for a midwinter’s day though later as the cloud came over it was quite cold.

The kids were very good and only went a little into the water . . . → Read More: Altona Beach and Pier

Sydney to Melbourne: Day 2 – Cowra to Wangaratta

The longest driving day of the trip. We headed south from Cowra, my grandfather’s birth-place, along the Olympic Highway. The packing went easily and quickly and was done much more sensibly than the day before. There was a threat of rain, but that did not eventuate. We stopped at Junee for a rest . . . → Read More: Sydney to Melbourne: Day 2 – Cowra to Wangaratta

Monto to Eidsvold Via Abercorn and Ceratodus

The tent wet from the fog in the morning. I had breakfast and packed up. Headed out from Monto. I found I was missing the hood from the lens. Rode poorly for a while, but started to find my rhythm as I went along. This normally happens. It takes quite a while for . . . → Read More: Monto to Eidsvold Via Abercorn and Ceratodus


I spent some time at peoples houses and looked at the portraits of my grandfather and his first wife. In this first image is Swee Yap with his first wife, men wen and their two daughters.

. . . → Read More: Family

A stop on the way back

Cath and Ingo gave me a lift back to Sydney. We stopped at a cafe where an old ferry used to operate. It has now been replaced by a bridge. I think it was at the Clarence river, but I am not sure. We had nachos. One of the best Nachos I have . . . → Read More: A stop on the way back

Le Tour De Disneyland

I am not sure that I have ever been up at 4:30 AM on Christmas Day before, but today I was. I headed down Marrickville road to Mic Mazza’s to see Gi and co head off on their intrepid ride to Melbourne and for some, onto Tasmania. They are travelling light and expecting . . . → Read More: Le Tour De Disneyland

Bents and Folders Ride

the narrows

Bicycle Shrine

Today I went on the Bents and Folders Ride with Bike North. They met at Meadowbank wharf, which was quite a ride. I could have ridden it in 16 km on roads, but I chose to use the Cooks River Bike Track to get there in 23 . . . → Read More: Bents and Folders Ride

Saturday Slowies





Well, for the first time in a few weeks I went on the Saturday Slowies. I have been suffering from a cold the last few weeks. The weather was lightly overcast. The start in the dark. The pace, fast. I don’t know, sometimes, the pace . . . → Read More: Saturday Slowies


I had a small prang on the bike. . . . → Read More: Crash!

National Folk Festival 2009 – Getting there

My trip from Marrickville to Mitchell in the ACT by bicycle and bus. . . . → Read More: National Folk Festival 2009 – Getting there