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A long way from home

This particularly impressive truck had arrived all the way from Victoria.

a bad smell

grease trap remover

This morning when I went down stairs into the underground car park, there was a bad smell. A bit like sewerage. I thought oh dear, the sewerage is leaking somewhere… But then as I exited the car park the reason became obvious. JJ Richardson, Grease Trap Cleaner had probably . . . → Read More: a bad smell

a semi trailer and a cat

This happened this morning. It was a very very short dream. There were quite a few others but I do not remember them.

black cat

A cat is lying on the road. A semi trailer comes towards it. As the truck passes over the cat seems like it is should be squashed. But no, . . . → Read More: a semi trailer and a cat


Another example of how the papers repeat the news and another of my relatives who makes it into the national press. Edward J. Ladmore (1878-1948) is my Third Cousin, three times removed. His wife, Mary A. Chapman (1889-1928) and his son, Edward H. Ladmore (1928-1928) also died in the crash. His daughter, Rose . . . → Read More: TRUCK OVERTURNS MOTHER AND SON KILLED.