one way street

This dream happened a few weeks ago while I was on holiday in Western NSW.

I am traveling along a urban street. There is a hill slightly to the left and the road heads up and along the side of this hill. Out of nowhere a person I know (包括) appears next to me. For . . . → Read More: one way street

a fence and a tunnel

This is another old one. From the later 1980’s or the early 1990’s.

There is a ridge line of dirt. It is brown. Along the top is a ver well made barbed wire fence, the kind with mesh below and barbed wire strung in strands along the top. Though it does not seem to have . . . → Read More: a fence and a tunnel

Escape from a tunnel

This is a part of a long series of repeating dreams from the 1980’s. Occasionally the dream happens again.

I am in a tunnel. In this instance the tunnel is long an narrow. I am manning an artillery position with several others. We are attacked by a bunch of trolls. They overrun our . . . → Read More: Escape from a tunnel

Shinto Shrine

There is a very long, very round tunnel, just tall enough to stand in. There are no lights, but this is not a problem. It is a test. Will he go in. At the end is a bright light. I can see it is a shrine. It is clearly something to do with Japan. Out . . . → Read More: Shinto Shrine

vertical lift

this dream reoccurred a lot during the 1990s and ended not long after I moved to Sydney in 1997.

I am an a very large seemingly natural cavern. Certainly the shape is not regular. It is wider at the bottom and narrower at the top. There is machinery, like mining equipment, stretching to the roof. . . . → Read More: vertical lift