Scorcher TY-2GT

Well, I got three new tyres. This time I chose to go with the Greenspeed Kevlar Lines Scorchers. So far my findings are:

They, like thier unarmoured cousins, give a much nicer ride than the small, hard, Schwalbe Marathon Plus. I was able to put the tyres on with out tyre leavers for the first . . . → Read More: Scorcher TY-2GT

new tyres

old and new

I like the Greenspeed scorchers, but I keep on getting flat tyres. Three flats in three weeks. This is because the roads I ride are covered in glass. So I’d recommend if you get these tyres, get the kevlar lined ones. But I have moved over the Schwalbe Marathon . . . → Read More: new tyres

My first flat

I got a flat tyre, my first on the Greenspeed GT3. . . . → Read More: My first flat