Links 2009-11-12


Scientists grew a rabbit penis. How long before they are selling penis add ons, I mean there must be lots of people who want two to three, right?

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star trek

Well today I made a post on facebook about star trek. So I will write my view of what roddenbury was doing:

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The week gone by – 1 Aug 2009

Probably a very sporadic set of things that happened in the last week.



A man using some dodgy maths but a generally sound idea, came up with the quote: Of course, we may not have discovered the evidence yet. And when we finally find the . . . → Read More: The week gone by – 1 Aug 2009

John Steward on Amy Palin

Here is one of the best political commentaries I have seen in a long time. Thanks to Amy for sharing the link.

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U.S. officials say broken satellite will be shot down

by smallritual

Quoting NEWS.COM: They are shooting it down because:

President Bush ordered the action to prevent any possible contamination from that hazardous rocket fuel on board, and not out of any concern that parts of the spacecraft might survive and its secrets be revealed, officials said.

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快樂的人生佛學講座-葉 文 意老

星期天跑到屯門大會堂…哈第一次到這地方…我足不出新界…當然是被在佛事界愛戴的葉文意老師的講座吸引…葉老師講經多年..廣結喜善緣.. Sunday … Tuen Mun Town Hall went to Kazakhstan to the first place … I … of course the home is the New Territories in the southwest sector of the context of the love of seminars to attract teachers of teachers Lecture years … .. forming Hi good fortune ..

作為一個佛教家庭成員,,又是皈依五戒弟子..能夠跟葉老師結緣..聽她講經..真是獲益良多…增修智慧…. 衍空法師出生香港,在香港及日本接受中小學教育,在美國取得電腦 . . . → Read More: 快樂的人生佛學講座-葉 文 意老

Brian Yap – California

Here is a more innocent link… I wonder if there are any Brian Yap’s who are not Chinese?

I am Brian Yap. I am Chinese. I speak Cantonese, English, and Spanish(spanish I). I am 15 years Old. May 13. I go to Yerba Buena. I play tennis. I am . . . → Read More: Brian Yap – California