Seymour Flower Show

For years we have been invited to go to the show. But we have always had some reason why we could not make it. This was our first visit.

We headed out from Monbulk after the girls made their own breakfast and went to Safeway to swap theirs dream works cards.

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A meeting with Relatives.

Driving back to Sydney, I stopped to meet some relatives in Longwood. Little did I know that my cousin had lived in wendy court in West Sunshine most of her life. I had lived in Sanders Aveneue for over 6 years. The longest I have ever lived in one place. Wendy Court is . . . → Read More: A meeting with Relatives.

more stupid mobile phone laws


I think there people should be sent to see if they have any brains at all. I mean, why stop people from using a mobile phone as a GPS, but not from using a GPS or a Map? I have seen many taxi drivers using maps, of the printed kind, sitting . . . → Read More: more stupid mobile phone laws

Of the Victoria and NSW police Forces

Some strange happenings on both fronts.

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