Visa Dream

I am in a concrete room with a wooden counter. There are people taking papers up to the counter. A woman in a dark blue uniform sits behind the counter.

I am told to take a paper up to the counter. I hand it over. Nothing untoward happens. I am surprised. . . . → Read More: Visa Dream

St Petersburgh to Tallinn


I arrived in Tallinn on an overnight train from St Petersburg. My theory that I would not be troubled for overstaying my visa by three hours turned out to be true. The Visa ran out at midnight, but the train crossed the border at about 3AM. I had been sharing a . . . → Read More: St Petersburgh to Tallinn

Going to Vietnam

I had a dinner on the weekend with a group of people, mostly male, and all expats staying at various places. There must have been over 20 people. We were down studies in this place. A few of them were going up Vietnam for a holiday. With their visas they could not stay . . . → Read More: Going to Vietnam