Warburton Day 2, October Trip 2012

Our second day at the caravan park. We managed to leave some important tings behind so I had to return to home to get them. On the way I took Angelika into Lilydale to see Tony, who turned out to be on a course and not there. I then returned to the Warburton . . . → Read More: Warburton Day 2, October Trip 2012

Camping in Warburton – Day 3

Well, we spent one more night in Warburton camping. In the morning we packed up and headed out. Luckily the nice camp ground people has said we did not need to be out before 10AM, because we did not stand a chance in hell of packing up before midday. I lament at how . . . → Read More: Camping in Warburton – Day 3

Warburton Day 1

Well we were quite late in getting away. We had to check in before 5 PM and we got there after 4:30 even though it was only 1 1/2 hours down the road. Having done that we could relax, set up the camp, let the dogs out and rest. Kirsten headed back up . . . → Read More: Warburton Day 1