disliking the Japanese

Sometimes when I say I would like to live in Japan (which I would, at least for a while), I get very strongly negative responses. People here do not like this. They seem to think that it would mean that they have to behave in ways that they do not want to. I think that . . . → Read More: disliking the Japanese

let the good times roll!

Obviously the opposite of a good time is a terrible or bad time. Anyone who does not like good times is weird and strange.

eating food habits

People in Sydney have one eating habit that I find really weird. They think that eating the same food as someone shows that you like them and support them. I have never come across this before in all my travels of the world and in all the other places I have lived. Even the people . . . → Read More: eating food habits


for some strange reason, male people here in Sydney seem to call their partners uglies. very weird.


RSL clubs as they exist in NSW and QLD seem to show one of the great political divides in Australia. The divide between the north-eastern states (qld/nsw) and the rest. I’ve always found RSL clubs a bit weird. They only exist in their guise as drinking and gambling dens in these states. I suppose . . . → Read More: RSL