Video Sunday – 2011 August 7

A hoop dancer!

A Dream of a writhing person

A new dream, never occurred before.

Grey background. A grown woman, skin red and orange wavy pattern. Looks like mud. No hair. No clothes. She is on her hands and knees. Face contorted with pain. No sound.

I reach down to pick her up. I have to be very careful not . . . → Read More: A Dream of a writhing person

Photo Mondays –

I think this is very good and gets the most unexpected version of the portal in Korea.

Multi Faceted

this dream I think may have occurred over several parts. In the end I chose to end it by waking up. The bus trip featured several people I know in Paddington.

On a intercity bus to a destination. The first night is an intermediate stop. Get off. Have to . . . → Read More: Multi Faceted

Marrickville Road Cafe

. . . → Read More: Marrickville Road Cafe

Graffiti Wall

I have been riding past this wall for some time now as I only changed my route to work about three months ago. I have been meaning to stop and take a pic. Today I did and used the photo stitch software autostitch to stitch the photo together. Click on the image to . . . → Read More: Graffiti Wall

cycling on the plains

The dream occurred a few nights ago. It was a part of a larger dream about being in Spain, but I can only remember enough details for this part, which occurred at the end.


I am sanding in a dark, golden farmland, the rolling hills as far as the eye can see are . . . → Read More: cycling on the plains

pervert photography

A woman in Canberra, this year, said to me that certain stances in photography amounted to attempts to take photos up a skirt and used this stance as an example. This is of course a stupid belief. It actually means that the photographer, such as myself, is too lazy to lie down on the ground . . . → Read More: pervert photography

a clear capsule

This is from a few days ago:

A man grabs a woman, she has curly black hair. He pushes her over to one side so her head is horizontal. He hits her on the left ear (now facing up). From her right ear falls two things. One is some ear wax. The other is a . . . → Read More: a clear capsule

likes the same music, but is a woman!


叶文意的详细信息 状态: 单身 交友目的: 交友 家乡: 广东省河源 星座: 巨蟹座

叶文意的学校 和平县和平中学 广东省 河源市 学位: 高中

2006 至今

which changes to:

Ye Wenyi detailed information Condition: Unmarried Makes the friend goal: Makes the friend Hometown: Guangdong Province river source Constellation: Cancer

Ye Wenyi school Heping County peaceful middle school Guangdong Province river source city . . . → Read More: likes the same music, but is a woman!