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Observation Tuesdays – FUCK!

The other day one of the kids shouted “don’t use the F-word or I will hit you. We are not like that!” And I was dismayed and had to quietly say that there was nothing wrong with saying fuck.

Which makes one ask: why is this so. Why would people be . . . → Read More: Observation Tuesdays – FUCK!


陰 The totalitarian proposition: do what we want.

The gangster proposition: do what we want and you can have anything you want.

The capitalist proposition: do what we want and you can have lots of money.

The thug proposition: do what we want or we will hit you.

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Australian Pie

I am looking for the lyrics of a song I heard once on 3RRR. All I remember is the chorus and it goes like this. I have since learned that 3PBS also played it.

Australian Pie

Bye, bye Miss Australian Pie,

Drove my Holden to the Goulburn, but the Goulburn was dry.

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