Return to Broadmeadows station

Kirsten, Krysta and Teresa came back on the XPT. I drove to Broadmeadows Station and caught the train into the city. Surprisingly this only took an extra 40 minutes.

I immediately felt at home. The diversity of peoples on the train was refreshing. Though the train was a bit over crowded.

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Broadmeadows station

The girls traveled up to Sydney on the XPT. We spent the night before double checking the details. Kirsten had been told that there was regional rail track works and the trip from Southern Cross to Broadmeadows would be by bus and therefore we had to be at southern cross 40 minutes earlier . . . → Read More: Broadmeadows station

Photo Monday – 2011 August 15

An image of the XPT appeared in this article on the National High Speed Rail.


In my post code there is only one big emitter, though I’d guess all the aeroplane exhaust will contain lots. It is the XPT maintenance depot!

Facility Name Substance Air (kg)[2] Land (kg)[2] Water (kg)[2] Railcorp XPT Maintenance Centre [Sydenham-NSW] Total Volatile Organic Compounds 790 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (B[a]Peq) 2.1 Xylenes (individual or mixed isomers) . . . → Read More: Emissions