Graves of the grand parents

Well this page will be a work in progress. I have been trying to translate the grave stones for my grandfather and great grand father. This page is to assist with that translation and when it is complete I hope to have the full translation. I have uploaded full size images of the . . . → Read More: Graves of the grand parents

A dinner with the family

I had a dinner with the family. People had come from quite some distance around, from down past KL and up at Penang to be in Ipoh. Several generations of descendants of Swee Yap. They were interested to know about me and I was interested to know about them. Though language was still . . . → Read More: A dinner with the family

Yap Temple

I was wandering around Georgetown with our little group. We were heading to a temple. While looking for it we came to the Yap family temple. I am suspicious that some of the others knew it was there. But I did not know it existed. So I went inside to have a look. . . . → Read More: Yap Temple

Mount Macedon

the group

Today we went up to Mount Macedon with mum, dad, Douglas, Eddie Shen and his girlfriend. There is a war memorial up there.

in 1962

in 2007

. . . → Read More: Mount Macedon