finding my great grand mother


Annie Marjoram has been a great mystery in the family. My grandmother did not even know she had been nicked from her real mother until at about aged 60 she went to get her birth certificate. It turned out that she did not exist! After some questions were asked, the lies were revealed and she discovered who her real mother had been. She also discovered she had a brother.
I have been searching for some time for information on Annie. The family had her located in Rookwood. But when I visited the cemetery several years ago, with my mother and sister, we could not find her there.
Recently I found her suggested second marriage. This lead me to her death certificate, and with one in tow, I headed off to Rookwood. This time to look in the cremations and in the correct year. So it was with ease that I was able to find her.

“Annie Marjoram 1896-1961 in her early twenties” by yewenyi [?]
Annie Marjoram 1896-1961 in her early twenties
“Rookwood” by yewenyi [?]


  1. Dear Brian, I have just started delving into my family history, My grandma Ethel May Thompson (nee Laundess) was the daughter of Constatine and Esther (nee Marks) Laundess, your great great grandmother appeared to be my grandmothers Aunty…..would love to hear from you.
    Regards Donna

  2. Hi Annie Marjoram was the daughter of George Walter Blackman / Marjoram. I have seen some researchers record George as the biological son of my ancestor Robert Marjoram but as both he and his elder sister were born before the marriage they may only be stepchildren. Do you know of any descendants of George’s that may have done an Ancestry DNA test? This would be one way to confirm George’s paternity.

    1. Ryan,
      I have in the last few weeks sent off a DNA test. I have not yet received the results. I do not know of anyone else taking such a test. I did find that Elizabeth Blackman owned some property with a man prior to marrying Robert Marjoram, but I lost the record. 🙁

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