Charles Kemp Dove – Army Supplies Master

This is Charles Kemp Dove, a great-great-great-great-great-grand uncle of Krysta and Teresa.  In 1857 C. K. Dove was helping supply the British Army during the Indian Rebellion of 1857. He had now become a Post Master General. It is somewhat amusing that they used cows for transport. I wonder what the Hindu view is on using a sacred animal in such a way.

The Post Office of India and its story


The Director-General’s efforts were able seconded by Mr. C. K, Dove, Postmaster-General, and Mr. Garrett, Deputy Postmaster-General of Bengal, both of whom did all in their power to ensure the prompt dispatch of troops up country, calling in the aid of the local magistrates to secure the best cattle and the services of the Engineering Department to facilitate the passage of carts over unbridged rivers along the Grand Trunk Road.

Pages 163 to 164

The success of the postal arrangements during the Mutiny is largely due to the organisation and example of Mr. Riddell, the Director General, who attended to all important matters personally. He was assisted by the loyal devotion of the entire staff, and the men whose names may be mentioned for special service are Mr. C. K. Dove, officiating Postmaster-General, Bengal; Mr. Bennett, Mr. Wallace and Mr. McGowan, of the Bengal Establishment, …

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