William and Ann Marks and the Sumptuous Dinner (3GF/3GM – B)

My third Great grandparents William Marks and Ann née Lamb were clearly intent on giving a good impression to the child and nephew of their boss

The morning after our arrival in Mulgowrie we took a ride out to inspect the run and some of the cattle, getting back at dinner time. The dinner I shall never forget. I suppose is was in honor of “The Boss’s” son. My cousin [Tom Hassall], [William] Marks, and I, sat at the table while Mrs. [Anne] Marks attended to us. First appeared a splendid roast turkey, to which we did ample justice. With this course over Mrs. Marks was called in, cleared the table, and then came a magnificent roast beef. Well, we had to eat a share of this also. Again Mrs. Marks was called in, removed all, and placed a huge plum pudding on the table, enough for a dozen people. Could boys ever refuse plum-pudding? The fourth course was apple-pie but now we had to apologise and postpone the pie until tea-time. My cousin and myself lolled on the grass for the rest of the day, wishing we had known beforehand the quality and quantity of the dinner we had to face.

William Hassal, In Old Australia (Origianally Printed in 1902 Reprinted in 1981), 49.

5 William Marks & Ann Lamb

4 Richard Marks & Lydia Cramp

3 Percy Stanley Marks & Lorna Wiley (Dorothy Marjoram)

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