Trouble on the Layton

The Layton was the first of the ships arranged to bring women out to the colony of NSW. My third great grandmother, Ann Lamb, was one of those women. They do say that they got them from the streets of London. Here is an article about the Layton in the Sydney press.

The Colonist, Sydney, NSW
Thursday 28 January 1836
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THE LAYTON. We have been requested by Dr. Rule, the Surgeon of the female emigrant ship Layton to in- sert in to-day’s number a letter in reply to some aspersions on his character contained in the Pamphlet lately published by Mr. John Marshall, the agent for the Female Emigration Committee in London. As Dr. Rule’s letter has been already published in some of the other colonial journals, and as our columns of to-day contain a letter on the same subject from Mr. Beilby, the Superintendent of the Layton, we deem it unnecessary to do more than to publish Capt. Wades certificate to Dr. Rule ¬∑as it is to the remarks of that gentleman that the letter in question chiefly applies: Sydney, January 25, 1834 I do hereby certify, that the bearer Mr. John Rule has done the duty of Surgeon on board the ship Layton (under my command), to the Emigrants, Passengers and Crew on a voyage from London hither, perfectly to my satisfaction. GILES WADE Commander, ship Layton.

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