James Blackman sells some land

My third great grandfather, James Blackman, had a farm located between Richmond, NSW and the River on the flood plain. I think it is this property that he is offering for sale. I have stood next to the lagoon.

The Sydney Gazette and New South Wales Advertiser
Sunday 29 May 1808
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To be sold by Private Contract. Fifty Acres of excellent Land, on the Back Range at Richmond Hill, Four acres much elevated   immediately contiguous to an extensive Common and with a fine lagoon which adapts it equally to flock and agriculture.- For particulars apply to James Blackman at Richmond Hill, or Geo/ Howe at Sydney.


  1. Roy victor Sruhan did NOT marry Kathleen Savage as second wife. he married Kathleen Saunders BDM Register no: 19124/1947 2 Aug 1947 Presbyterian Church Rockdale NSW
    BDM did have Roy married to Savage & Saunders both in 1947! I advised them and Savage is now deleted. Savage family could be confused. see in ancestry Sruhan, Saunders to Harley Smith. Glenda Smith (Sruhan) Roy’s daughter from Kathleen E Saunders

    1. Thanks, I will look into it. At the moment it might take a while as the computer I used to create the family history site broke down and I have bit of recovery to do to get it all onto a new computer.

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