The jury returned a verdict of died by the visitation of God.

My in-law, poor old George Erby died after a visitation from god while playing cricket.

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AWFULLY SUDDEN DEATH.-On Monday last, the children attending the Wesleyan Sunday-school, were treated to a picnic in Mr. Blackshaw’s paddock, adjoining the town. Many adults were in attendance, and among others. Mr. George Erby, a farmer at Darby Murray’s Flats, and a very old resident of the district. A game of cricket was got up, in which Mr, Erby took part. He was taking his innings, and as he was not able to run, Mr. Wickham ran for him. The latter had occasion to address a remark to Erby, on which he turned round, seemingly to reply, but he fell to the ground without speaking, and seems to have died instantly. Dr. Waugh was sent for, and arrived within a few minutes ; but life was extinct. An inquest was held the same evening, when the evidence given showed that deceased was sixty-seven years of age, and had generally enjoyed good health till a few months ago, when he had complained of palpitation of the heart, for which he had been treated by Mr. Moore, homoeopathic adviser. The jury returned a verdict of died by the visitation of God.-Goulburn Herald,

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