Theft Of Tubes And Petrol

One of my relatives, living a life of crime in World War II.

Theft Of Tubes And Petrol

‘Most of this property comes under No. 1 priority, and is prac- tically unprocurable,’ said Detec- tive Senior Sergeant J. F. Buggy

in the Police Court yesterday when Bernard James Cramp, 26. welder, pleaded guilty to the theft of tyres, tubes, petrol, and motor car accessories, property of the Ford Motor Co. of Australia Pty. Ltd., between June 28 and August 3. In fining Cramp a total of £10 on three charges,. Mr. A. E. Aitkin, S.M., said that he took into con- sideration that Cramp had done service for his country. Senior Sergeant Buggy said that the property,- worth £21/11/1, was stolen by Cramp when he was working for the company on night shift as an oxy-welder. He was seen acting suspiciously, and when intercepted police found some of the property in the dicky seat of his car. Further articles were re- covered at his home at Gladstone Road, Highgate Hill.   

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