Grave of my Great Grand father

My Great Grand Father

We know from a court case in 1939 that my great grand father is not buried in this grave. He lived and died in China. But his son and my grandfather, Yap Swee placed this tombstone in Ipoh as he did not travel back to China. Apparently Yap Swee placed a silver dish here as a mark of respect to his ancestor.


Top line: 南陽

Nan Yang

Second top line: 博羅

Bok Loh

Outer right column 百代江山千古秀

江山千古秀 is a 5 character idom, but I have been unable to work out what it means. People use it quite a lot. Google Translate says: Country through the ages show.

Inner right column: ??廿八年?己?春古旦立

Middle column right: 頁考純?

Middle column left: ?妣勤儈?

Names x 4 right to left





Middle column lower ??

Inner left column: 陽男瑞雲孫益波益金益榮益錦曾玄孫仝祀

Outer left column: 萬年支忯?水流長


  1. Hi, i stumbled across this in my search lastnight. I did see on a page a Leonard Vance who married Phyllis Mary Byrnes!
    May I ask what connection there is between you?

  2. I have a question. My surname is Yap. Second generation Malaysian Chinese. My paternal grandfather came to Malaya in the early part of the last century. He was from Boluo County, Huizhou Prefecture, Guangdong. My big Yap family is spread out all over the Klang Valley. My grandfather had 5 sons and 6 daughters. Most of my uncles and aunties have passed on. My cousins and I are planning to visit Boluo one fine day, maybe to locate relatives. But we do not know any of them as my grandfather died young. Is there a way to locate my grandfather’s ancestral village ? We do not know the name but we know our grandfather’s name. Another question : We all speak Cantonese. Are we considered Hakkas since Huizhou is a Hakka Prefecture ?

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