Yap Tow Onn – alleged son of Yap Swee Yuen (GF)

Yap Toh Onn is claiming that he is the natural son of Towkay Yap Swee Yuen (瑞雲) and therefore entitled to a fair share of the estate.

Malaya Tribune, 19 October 1939, Page 13 (From Our Own Reporter)

Seven Widows as Defendants

Ipoh, Wednesday

A CIVIL suit claiming for a declaration that he is the natural and lawful son of the late Yap Swee of Menglembu was brought against the seven widows of the deceased and administrators of the estate of the deceased who died intestate, by a young Chinese.

The action heard in the Supreme Court by the Hon. Mr. Justice C. M. Murray Ansley, is brought by Yap Toh Onn, represented by Dr. H. Y. Teh and Mr. H. S. Ong.

The first seven defendants are the widows of the deceased, the seventh being about 20 years of age. The third, sixth and eighth defendants are the administrators of the estate of the deceased. The fourth defendant is not admitted by the other widows as a widow of the deceased and a separate action in this connection is pending, while the fifth defendant is alleged to be mentally unsound.

The case is proceeding.

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