Yap Tow Onn claims to be a natural son of Towkay Yap Swee Yuen (葉瑞雲)

A continuation of the trial where Yap Tow Onn claims to be a natural son of Towkay Yap Swee Yuen (葉瑞雲) and therefore allowed a fair share of the estate.

An interesting point alleged in this report is: did Yap Swee have two more wives — (9) Ng Moi and (10) Ng Sam Moi? There is nowhere else that I have so far that lists these two as his wives. Wife 4 was Ng Yoon Than. Ng Moi and Ng Sam Moi are not listed as wives in the various proceedings about the deceased’s estate.

Also Yap Tow Onn has the wrong name. If he was a son of Yap Swee his name would be Yap Yit xxx.  He has the wrong generation name.

Jelapang is a town in Kinta district, Perak. It is a northern suburb of Ipoh. This is the only mention I have of Yap Swee living in Jelapang. We do know he lived in Menglembu.

The Malaya Tribune, Page 2.

Suit Against Seven Widows at Ipoh

(From Our Own Reporter)

Ipoh, Friday.

After a protracted hearing spread over several days, the civil suit brought by Yap Thow Onn against the seven widows of Yap Swee, deceased miner of Menglembu and L. J. Peace, claiming that he is a natural and lawful son of the deceased and therefore entitled to as hare in the property, was concluded yesterday in the Supreme Court before the Hon. Mr, Justice C. M. Murray Ansley.

Evidence of one of the witnesses for the plaintiff given yesterday was to the effect that he had known the deceased for about 30 years. They lived in Jelapang several years ago. Witness was a timber merchant while deceased was a miner.

Witness’s Denial

Witness knew of two sisters, Ng Moi and Ng Sam Moi. They lived with the deceased together. One of them adopted a son, the son of a medicine seller.

Witness had never known a man living with the two sisters as his wives. It was a most disgraceful thing, he agreed in cross examination.

He denied having been coached to give evidence or being bought. He was asked about two days ago to give evidence, and to tell what he knew about the case.

After the address of the counsel, who addressed his lordship on the question of domicile, his lordship reserved judgment.

The defendants in this suits are Wong Ngee Yew, (f), Loh Ngeuk (f), Wong Yuk Lan (f), Ng Yoon Than (f), Low Keow (f), Chin Sow Sim (f),  Choy Lin (f) and L. J. Peace. The first seven defendants are widows of the deceased, the seventh being a minor.

Defendants three, six and eight are sued as administrators of the estate. The fourth defendant is not admitted by the other six widows as the widow of the deceased.

Mr. H. R. Rix appeared for the first, second, third, fifth and seventh while Dr. O. Y. Teh and Mr. G. S. Ong appeared for the plaintiff.

The fourth defendant was unrepresented.

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