Real Property Act

The Sydney Morning Herald, Saturday 3 May 1919, Page 14

APPLICATIONS having been made to bring the lands hereunder, described under the provisions of the Real Property Act Certificate of Indefeasible Title will issue, unless Caveat be lodged in accordance with the Third Schedule to the said Act on or be.’ore June 13. 1019.
No. 18,691 APPLICANTS-Elijah Reuben Marks, Crookwell, and Arthur Ambrose Marks, Morongla. LAND.-Shire Crookwell, parish Winduella, countv King, 140 acres 2 roods 28 perches, on left bank Lost River-being portions 33, 34, and 35, exclusive of road 1 chain wide through portion 35, the area of which is not included in the area of 140 acres 2 roods 28 perches.
Diagram delineating this land may be Inspected at the Land Titles Office, Sydney
W. G. H. Wiliams
Registrar General
April 25, 1919

It seems that part three is titled: Part 3 Crown lands and lands acquired from the Crown to be subject to the Act. So I would guess that they are purchasing the three blocks from the crown.

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