The tragic Death of Charlotte Erby, nee Clarke

This is the other tragic death in the story of two tragic deaths, both for her and for her husband.

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Dreadful Accident.-On the evening of Thursday last, as a woman named Charlotte Erby was returning from Goulburn to her home at Darby Murray’s Flats, when about two miles from home, near Stewart’s fence, the cart in which she and her child, about five years old, were sitting, passed over a log, capsized, and buried both mother and child beneath it. Geo. Erby, her husband, uneasy at her continued absence, started from home on foot to meet her. When near the spot where the accident occurred, he heard an indistinct struggling, but from the darkness of the night could not see what it was. He proceeded on to Goulburn, and there ascertained that his wife had left about two o’clock in the afternoon. He instantly retraced his steps, and when near the spot where he heard the noise, he called his child by name ; she replied;   he then went up to the spot, where he found the cart overturned, the horse lying on his back, and the child on the ground, with its thigh under- neath the cart ; of his wife he could see nothing, except her legs and feet, the remaining portion of her body being buried completely underneath the cart. She was quite dead. Ha then proceeded home, and obtained the assistance of his brother and another man, by whose united exertions the deceased and child were conveyed home. The child afterwards told her father that when the cart upset, her mother never spoke a word. An inquest was held yesterday on the body before B. Waugh, Esq., coroner for the district. The jury returned a verdict of “Died from the effects of injuries accidentally   received.”-Goulburn Herald, March 12.

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