55 oz 11 dwt of Gold.

My in-law, Joseph Ainsworth, who married my cousin, Martha Blackman, was reported in the Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal of bringing in 55 oz and 11 dwts of gold from the Tuena gold fields. In today’s money (19 Sep 2011 as per the purchase price of the Perth Mint of $1,733.50 per oz this would be a little more than: $96,295.92 of gold. Sadly it would seem his children did a good job of squandering the wealth he gained.

Advertising: GOLD PURCHASERS, 26 Jul 1851. 3 GOLD PURCHASERS. (1851, July 26). Bathurst Free Press and Mining Journal (NSW : 1851-1904), p. 5. Retrieved June 8, 2011, from <http://nla.gov.au/nla.news-article62518076>

GOLD PURCHASERS. Independently of what has been purchased at the mines, considerable quantities have been brought to town and sold, … Since the purchase of the Hundred weight of gold by Dr. M’Hattie, on behalf of Messrs. Thacker & Co., he has received 100 ozs. from other quarters, 55 ozs. 11 dwts.of which came from one party, con-sisting of Mr. Joseph Ainsworth, farmer, of Macquarie Plains, and his two sons. They had procured the whole in a month at the Turon diggings.

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