the benefit gained from decpit and deception

There is a major driver in the business world toward deceit and a major requirement for honesty and transparency. What we have here is a fundamental conflict that is part of the powerhouse that drives forward the economy and society.

Rambling commentary:

If one is in a car crash, and you know you made a mistake, you are told to lie about your liability. Or at the very least deny by omission. This is to limit the damages you may have to pay. It is also dishonest. The tax department would be very unhappy if you did this to limit your tax liability. So would the police. But it is ok to do it to non-government groups. Maximize your gain. Limit you losses. This is how the business world works. Hidden knowledge is beneficial to the profit statement. Yet this sometimes goes very wrong. For instance when the tobacco industry hid their knowldege of the health effects of tobacco, this can have deadly effects. It is in the benefit of too many people to change the rules. So they deflect the criticism to some bunch of people who are not powerful enough to fight back. For example, I saw a major catholic priest here in Sydney the other day quoted on the front page of a paper to say that we should ignore the problem of bad priests (his problem) and concentrate on another. When in reality we should concentrate on both. It is up to the society to determine what is bad and take appropriate action. But powerful vested interests direct the changes to ares where they are not involved. Another example: the recent slavery issue in China. This is what happens when an authority supresses questioning and say shit like you cannot question what we say and do because you will be considered to be disloyal and persecuted. You need to question and look. Ask the question why. I think the Germans understand only too well the need to question. So there is a force for disclosure, and there is a force saying, do what you are told and maintain deception. Complete disclosure does not work. Complete deception does not work. The trick is to know when which is appropriate and why.

More to come on this topic. It is very simple, yet has very complex results.


  1. Hi As an Australian, I’m sure you and your fellows know all about deceit and deception! How about giving back the land you stole from the Native Australians; who were on that continent for thousands of years before you were. You could at least make sure none of them lived in the poverty your kind generated for them! Kind Regards,
    Tony Swaine By the way – is “decpit” a new Aussie word or did you steal it from the Aboriginals?

  2. Yes, but you see it is not my country. So I am not in a position to give it back, just as I cannot give England back to the Anglo Saxons just because my great grand father William The Conqueror stole it…

    However, let us assume for a moment that it is my my country and every one was my servants (that is I am the King or some other type of autocratic despot) and therefore I was in a position to do something about it, then I would be in a position to give it back. I have a question, would I give it to?

  3. Hey, I gave this some more thought.

    For the stuff under 99 year lease, what they should do is give the land back to the aborigines and now the farmers will be leasing the land from their new land-lords. When the lease comes up for renewal, they can renegotiate.

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