Lunch at the Two Brookes Bar

7 June 2015

Now that the kids are going over to Andrews every second weekend, courtesy of a Supreme Court of Victoria order. Kirsten and I are getting some time together.
On this day we had to head out to Worri Yallock to return the fancy dress costumes to A2Z costumes. We had decided to have lunch, but there were no places other than the bakery, which we go to with the kids and the pub.
Heading back via Seville to put some air in the car’s tyers, we looked at signs to places as we passed. In the end we chose Two Brookes Bar at the Lilydale Winery.
Two Brookes Bar
45 Davross Court
Seville Vic, 3139.
It was quite a posh affair, that Kirsten had originally resisted. As we drove there I pointed out that Davros is the evil creator of the Daleks.
Lunch at two Brookes bar
On arrival, the proprietor was surprised. He said as surprise that it was already lunch and surprise to have patrons in a typically very quiet time. I guess most people go there at other times.
Two Brooke's Bar Lunch
The grounds were nice and we got a window seat. The stove was in the middle of the restaurant and here he cooked the sausages. He was a very friendly chap who lives not far from us.
We had the sausages, sourced from the Worri Yallock Butcher. I have to go out there sometime to see what sausages they have. We also had the Szechuan Calamari. Both meals were excellent. The calamari was not really hot, but it was the softest I have ever had.
Lunch at Two Brooke's Bar
Lunch at Two Brooke's Bar
We also had the pudding and ice cream for dessert. These were also excellent.