ARL Grand final sept 2001

ARL Grand final sept 2001 c
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Not having lived in Australia until I was 5 1/2 I was a late comer to the Australian sports. I think I lived in Melbourne for a year and a half before I discovered the AFL. The rugby leagues just happened somewhere else. Only when I lived in Adelaide, did I start traveling regularly to Sydney. It was then that I watch a lot of the ARL, I even watched the grand final on the TV in Adelaide. But I still had never been to a match. The only match I have ever been to was this match in 2001. The grand final. I have not really had much to do with the sport since I left Adelaide. I have never selected a team to support. It is an interesting question. Can you follow sport when you do not support a team? Is there a point? I am not sure. Perhaps the games have to be better. In the end, when it comes to live viewing, I greatly prefer the AFL.

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