Mega Food Fair

The Mega Food Fair is an annual event, recently held in Beecroft. I went there because Keat (and her mother and auntie) had a food stall. It was great, the food really good and I left totally full. The Menu:

1) Nasi Lemak
2) Chicken Curry
3) Vegetarian Spring Roll
4) Beancurd with cinnamon and
5) Ice Kachang

The Ice Kachang was the best I have ever had. The secret ingredient was home made red beans.

The Nasi Lemak Food Stand Nasi Lemak Ingrediants
Keat and her cousin and their stall.

Happy Ice Kachang Makers Bean Curd with Cinamon
Ice Kachang makers and Bean Curd with cinnamon.

Making Spring Rolls A discussion Cooking Food Stall Eating Hall Music and Organisers Char Koay Teow Vegie Stall Information Sign
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