Dream Tuesdays – 2011 September 6 – Betrayal

An old railway line. Some fallen down buildings. All are overgrown by forest. A story is told. Bitterness and loss.

A view follows down the overgrown line. A story. A property developer betrayed by his brother. Built the line  but his brother undercut him on the land along the lime and did not support the construction of the lime. Great bitterness.

The line winds up a hill. Once grand buildings are covered in moss and mildew. A coveted walkway had been built along both sides of the railway connecting the various separate buildings. All that is left is moldering wood. Though the walkway roof and pillars still stand.

A union self destructing with strong industrial action over the construction of the line through the forest to the city.

Men hammering and welding railway lines, a bridge near the top of a hill, the city lights are visible beyond.

The property developer and railway builder is ruined, the union broken by industrial laws, business men are now constrained by laws rather than the union.

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