In Search of Swans

Kirsten had a migrane, so we stayed in Sydney for the day, as she was not really up for travel. To help her rest, I took the kids out to Centennial Park in the hope that we might see the swans and signets. I had not been there for some time, so I did not know if they were still there. I had not driven to centennial park before. Normally I ride the GT3. I missed the parking and had to do a loop. I discovered that if you leave the i30cw in 3rd gear with no accelerator it will happily motor along at 27 km/h. So I just did this. As it is 3.5 km around, this takes quite some time. We parked and headed up to the cafe to get some lunch.

Having sated our bellies, I decided to walk with the kids down to the lakes as I did not know what the parking would be like down there. As it was I needn’t have worried. Still the kids handled the long walk very well. When we first got there we found lots of ducks and some teenager swans. But no babies. I was a bit disappointed. But still the kids were very good and just looked at them from a distance. I was worried they would want to jump in the lakes.

I decided to walk along the main lake. There were many fun things to play on.

This wandering turned out to be a good idea as we found the babies. The father in particular was quite agressive and the kids were good at keeping a safe distance out of fear of being bitten.


After this we wandered off into a bit of forest, tragically planted in a grid and played for a white a tree climbing and hide and seek.

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